Sunday, April 05, 2015

Spring Training is Over!

Spring Training is over.  The 2015 MLB season officially begins tonight with the Cubs taking on the Cardinals.  Before we leave the Cactus and Grapefruit League action a faint memory, let's check in on the the statistical leaders.

Batting Average:
1. Jose Abreu/CWS - .508
2. Curtis Graderson/NYM - .442
3. Mike Trout/LAA - .441

1. Mike Trout/LAA - 22
2. Billy Burns/OAK - 21
3. Eric Young Jr./ATL - 17

1. CJ Cron/LAA - 11
2. 8 Players tied for 2nd with 8 apiece

1. Jordany Valdespin/MIA - 4
2. 8 Players tied for 2nd with 3 apiece

1. Kris Bryant/CHC - 9
2. Mike Zunino/SEA - 7
3. 8 Players tied for 3rd with 6 apiece

1. Eduardo Escobar/MIN - 20
2. Albert Pujols/LAA & Mark Trumbo/ARI - 19

Stolen Bases:
1. Eric Young Jr/ATL, Odubel Herrera/PHI & Dee Gordon/MIA - 7

1. Mike Trout/LAA - 1.362
2. Mike Zunino/SEA - 1.287
3. Curtis Granderson/NYM - 1.243

1. Jacob DeGrom/NYM, Daniel Norris/TOR & Taijuan Walker/SEA - 4

1. Kevin Graveman/OAK - 0.36
2. Taijuan Walker/SEA - 0.67
3. David Phelps/MIA - 0.95

1. Jason Marquis/CIN - 31
2. Angel Sanchez/DET - 30
3. Anthony DeSclafani/CIN - 29.2

1. Luis Garcia/PHI - 4
2. 6 Players tied for 2nd with 3 apiece

1. Angel Sanchez/DET - 31
2. Daniel Norris/TOR - 30
3. David Price/DET - 29

1. Taijuan Walker/SEA - 0.56
2. Jacob DeGrom/NYM - 0.73
3. Kevin Graveman/OAK - 0.75 


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