Monday, January 26, 2015

Free Agent Squad - 2015

With Spring Training fast approaching (February 19th for pitchers and catchers), I thought I'd scour the free agent market to see who's feeling a bit lonely.  The bats are pretty much picked cleaned, but plenty of value is still awaiting to ink contracts in the pitching department, especially relief pitchers.  Below you will find a 25-man roster composed of remaining free agents.

Wil Nieves - 36 G, .254/.614, 0.6 WAR
Jeff Mathis - 64 G, .200/.537

First Base:
Ryan Doumit - 100 G, .197/.553

Second Base:
Rickie Weeks - 121 G, .284/.809, 36 R, 19 DBL, 8 HR,  0.1 WAR

Everth Cabrera - 90 G, .232/.572, 36 R, 13 DBL, 18 SB, 0.6 WAR

Third Base:
Kevin Kouzmanoff - 13 G, .362/1.029, 0.7 WAR

Eric Young - 100 G, .229/.610, 48 R, 30 SB, 1.1 WAR
Reed Johnson - 113 G, .235/.614, 15 DBL
Ryan Ludwick - 112 G, .244/.683, 20 DBL, 9 HR, 45 RBI
Nolan Reimold - 29 G, .232/.717, 0.1 WAR
Nate Schierholtz - 122 G, .195/.552, 32 R, 11 DBL, 7 HR, 37 RBI

Ramon Santiago - 75 G, .246/.667, 0.6 WAR
Gordon Beckham - 127 G, .226/.618, 53 R, 27 DBL, 9 HR, 44 RBI, 0.6 WAR

1. Eric Young/CF
2. Rickie Weeks/2B
3. Ryan Ludwick/LF
4. Kevin Kouzmanoff/3B
5. Nolan Reimold/RF
6. Everth Cabrera/SS
7. Reed Johnson/DH
8. Wil Nieves/C
9. Ryan Doumit/1B

James Shields - 34 GS, 227 IP, 14-8, 180 K, 3.21/1.18, 4.3 WAR
Kyle Kendrick - 32 GS, 199 IP, 10-13, 121 K, 4.61/1.36
Chris Young - 30 G, 29 GS, 165 IP, 12-9, 108 K, 3.65/1.23, 2.0 WAR
Roberto Hernandez - 32 G, 29 GS, 164.2 IP, 8-11, 105 K, 4.10/1.39, 0.4 WAR
Kevin Correia - 32 G, 26 GS, 154 IP, 7-17, 79 K, 5.44/1.50

Francisco Rodriguez - 69 G, 68 IP, 5-5, 73 K, 44 SV, 3.04/0.99, 1.4 WAR
Rafael Soriano - 64 G, 62 IP, 4-1, 59 K, 32 SV,  3.19/1.13, 0.7 WAR
Burke Badenhop - 70 G, 70.2 IP, 40 K, 2.29/1.26, 1.8 WAR
Joe Beimel - 56 G, 45 IP, 3-1, 25 K, 2.20/1.18, 1.1 WAR
Chris Perez - 49 G, 46.1 IP, 39 K, 4.27/1.36
Casey Janssen - 50 G, 45.2 IP, 3-3, 28 K, 25 SV, 3.94/1.18, 0.1 WAR
Dustin McGowan - 53 G, 8 GS, 82 IP, 5-3, 61 K, 4.17/1.38, 0.4 WAR

*Surprised a team like the Twins, Brewers, A's, Cardinals, Rays, Rockies, or Astros haven't offered Kendrick, C. Young, or Hernandez a 1 year deal to fill out their rotation.

*Blue Jays still need a closer (K-Rod or Soriano).

*Joe Beimel and Burke Badenhop had great seasons last year, they'd help almost any bullpen.  Hey Tigers!

*Rickie Weeks can still hit (Orioles?).  Royals could use him too, sliding Omar Infante over to 3rd if Mike Moustakas falters yet again.

*The Diamondbacks need a backup catcher.

*Phillies and Marlins could use another outfielder.

*Three teams with real playoff aspirations, the Nationals, White Sox and Pirates, could use one more solid reliever.


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