Saturday, November 23, 2013

Top AL and NL Fantasy Players For 2013 Season

We are still months from the 2014 fantasy baseball season, but there are a lot of people already doing a little bit of research for their drafts. For the second year in a row, the debate seems to be centered around Mike Trout and Miguel Cabrera. Who should be taken #1 overall? Can another player emerge as a legitimate threat? Here’s a look at the top four players heading into next year.

Mike Trout

The youngster seems to be getting better and better, making him the popular pick heading into 2014 fantasy baseball right now. The outfielder has yet to make the playoffs, but his teammates should be better this season. This will give him more opportunities to show off all five of his tools.

Miguel Cabrera

It is hard to argue with the two-time defending American League Most Valuable Player, but some lingering injuries and age could play a factor. He finished as the top fantasy baseball option in 2013, despite playing on some bum legs for the last month of the season. No hitter is better, but his speed numbers are the worst of the four listed.

Andrew McCutchen

For the last few seasons, McCutchen has been very good, but he stepped it up a notch by not only leading the Pittsburgh Pirates to the playoffs, but also winning the 2013 National League MVP award. He is the biggest threat to breaking up the two at the top of most fantasy baseball rankings, simply because he too is a five-tool player. If he can increase either his average or power slightly, he could finish #1 overall.

Paul Goldschmidt

Due to the fact that he plays in Arizona for the Diamondbacks, Paul Goldschmidt is a player that tends to get overlooked from time to time. He had a monster season in 2013, leading the National League in home runs and RBI. His 15 stolen bases and .302 average just shows that he is a well-rounded option as well.

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Veterans of Each MLB Team

As America recognizes the men and women that have served or who are currently serving in this wonderful country's Armed Forces, We Should Be GMs wants to stick with the theme and give a shout-out to each MLB teams' longest tenured player.

* = free agent

AL East:
Baltimore Orioles - Jim Johnson/2006 *Brian Roberts/2001

Boston Red Sox - David Ortiz/2003

New York Yankees - Derek Jeter/1995

Tampa Bay Rays - Ben Zobrist/2006

Toronto Blue Jays - Adam Lind/2006

AL Central:
Chicago White Sox - John Danks/2007 *Paul Konerko/1999

Cleveland Indians - Asdrubal Cabrera/2007

Detroit Tigers - Justin Verlander/2005

Kansas City Royals - Billy Butler & Alex Gordon/2007

Minnesota Twins - Joe Mauer/2004

AL West:
Houston Astros - Jason Castro/2010

Los Angeles Angels - Jered Weaver & Erick Aybar/2006

Oakland Athletics - Daric Barton & Jerry Blevins/2007

Seattle Mariners - Felix Hernandez/2005

Texas Rangers - Ian Kinsler/2006 *Nelson Cruz/2006

NL East:
Atlanta Braves - Kris Medlen/2009 *Tim Hudson & Brian McCann/2005

Miami Marlins - Chris Coghlan/2009

New York Mets - David Wright/2004

Philadelphia Phillies - Jimmy Rollins/2000

Washington Nationals - Ryan Zimmerman/2005

NL Central:
Chicago Cubs - Jeff Samardzija/2008

Cincinnati Reds - Brandon Phillips/2006 *Bronson Arroyo/2006

Milwaukee Brewers - Rickie Weeks/2003

Pittsburgh Pirates - Neil Walker & Andrew McCutchen/2009 *Jeff Karstens/2008

St. Louis Cardinals - Yadier Molina/2004 *Chris Carpenter/2004

NL West:
Arizona Diamondbacks - Miguel Montero/2006

Colorado Rockies - Troy Tulowitzki/2006

Los Angeles Dodgers - Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier & Chad Billingsley/2006

San Diego Padres - Chase Headley/2007

San Francisco Giants - Matt Cain/2005