Monday, September 30, 2013

John McDonald's Strange Season

Veteran journeyman and utility infielder, John McDonald, had a fascinating season.  The 38 year old found himself on 4 different teams this year.  He started off with the Pirates, then onto the Indians, then to the Phillies, and finally ended up with the Red Sox.  Playing on four MLB squads in one season is a rare feat, and to think 3 of them have made the playoffs. Too bad some of his magic didn't rub off on my beloved Phils.

He's a quality clubhouse presence and plays good defense, but his bat is one of the worst in the game today.  McDonald hit .111/.372 over 37 contests.  Pitchers often have better stats at bat.  He also made a relief appearance this season with the Phillies.

What a strange season.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Legend of Billy Hamilton Grows

Hamilton by the Numbers:
Games - 8
At Bats - 7
Runs - 6
Hits - 3
Doubles - 1
RBI - 1
Stolen Bases - 9
AVG - .429
OBP - .556
SLG - .571
OPS - 1.127

Billy Hamilton is a difference maker.  When on 1st or 2nd base with nobody clogging up the paths in front of him, you can expect him to steal a bag nearly every time.  Sure, he'll eventually get caught, but essentially a single or a walk has the possibility of ending up the equivalent of a triple with his speed.

In 502 minor league games, Hamilton stole 395 bases.  He hit .280/.350/.378 during that time.  He's only 23 years old, meaning his pitch recognition and on base ability will likely increase.  Look for him to grab the center field job next spring, as Shin-Soo Choo exits for a mammoth contract.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Louisville Slugger Gives Me Wood

I want to be that Louisville Slugger!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Josmil Pinto is "Catching" MLB by Storm

Do you know the name Josmil Pinto?  No...well, neither did I until about two weeks ago.  Since joining the Twins the 24 year old catcher has done nothing but hit.  In 7 games he's batting .565/1.513, with 6 R, 5 DBL, 1 HR, and 4 RBI.  That equates to a 0.6 WAR, which is amazing for such a short period of time.  Aside from a poor showing in 2010 and 2011, Pinto has hit well since coming to America playing minor league ball.  In 8 minor league seasons he's a .275/.790 batter with some pop.  Defensively he throws out 33% of base thieves.  He's making such a strong impression that the Twins are considering allowing him to be a semi-starting catcher for them in 2014, with Joe Mauer still seeing time behind the plate and at 1st base and DH.

Sunday, September 08, 2013