Wednesday, October 24, 2012

With 80's Relics Gone, 90's Vets All That Remains

Sadly the era of Major League Baseball from the 1980's officially dies in 2012 with the final seasons of Jaime Moyer and Omaz Vizquel.  Those two artifacts had been hanging on since 1986 and 1989 respectively.  However, their days in the summer sun has come and gone and the veterans from the 1990's are now the decade we hold onto.

The following is a list of "active" players.  Some of them are holding on by the threads of their jersey, and others could possibly retire.  A few are still going strong, but that is a small group.  Go ahead, lay you eyes on the players who debuted in the 90's.

*Listed by season and team in which they debuted.

Jim Thome/CLE

Miguel Batista/PIT

Darren Oliver/TEX

Alex Rodriguez/SEA

Jason Giambi/OAK
Jason Isringhausen/NYM
LaTroy Hawkins/MIN
Andy Pettitte/NYY
Derek Jeter/NYY
Mariano River/NYY

Migue Cairo/TOR
Scott Rolen/PHI
Jamey Wright/COL
Bobby Abreu/HOU
Livan Hernandez/FLA
Raul Ibanez/SEA
Andruw Jones/ATL

David Ortiz/MIN
Paul Konerko/LAD
Todd Helton/COL
Torii Hunter/MIN
Derek Lowe/SEA
Mark Kotsay/FLA
Kevin Millwood/ATL
Chris Carpenter/TOR

AJ Pierzynski/MIN
Bruce Chen/ATL
Aramis Ramirez/PIT
Carl Pavano/MON
Eric Chavez/OAK
Roy Halladay/TOR
Placido Polanco/STL
Carlso Beltran/KCR
Ryan Dempster/FLA
Andrian Beltre/LAD
Mark DeRosa/ATL

John McDonald/CLE
Tim Hudson/OAK
Chad Durbin/KCR
Vicente Padilla/ARI
Alfonso Soriano/NYY
Ramon Hernandez/OAK
Adam Kennedy/STL
Carlos Lee/CWS
Freddy Garcia/SEA
AJ Burnett/FLA
Rod Barajas/ARI
Guillermo Mota/MON
Lance Berkman/HOU
Kyle Farnsworth/CHC
Jose Molina/CHC
Joe Nathan/SFG
Randy Wolf/PHI
JC Romero/MIN


Hackenbush said...

"Baseball connects American males with each other, not only through bleacher friendships and neighbor loyalties, but most importantly through generations.

You learn your first lessons of the rainbow arc all living makes, but that baseball exaggerates. For when you are in sixth grade, the rook has fuzz on his face and throws to the wrong base, before you leave junior high school, he is a seasoned regular, his body filled out, his jowl ripples with tobacco; when you graduate high school he is a grizzled veteran – even if you are not certain what grizzled means. In a few years, the green shoot becomes the withered stalk, and you learn the hill all beings travel by."

Baseball and the Meaning of Life – Donald Hall

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