Friday, May 25, 2012

Last Man Standing- Battle of Zero ERAs

Alright, the 2012 MLB season is nearly 2 months old and there remain a handful of relievers out there still sporting sparkling 0.00 earned run averages.  Who will be the last man standing?

(minimum 10 IP)

*Aroldis Chapman/Cincinnati Reds - 24.1 IP

*Ryan Cook/Oakland Athletics - 22.2 IP

*Scott Downs/Los Angeles Angels - 13 IP

*Lucas Luetge/Seattle Mariners - 11 IP

*Dale Thayer/San Diego Padres - 10 IP

1 comment:

buzz campbell said...

well obviously the guys that pitch the most will have more of an opportunity to allow a run!; i never heard of some of the guys but i love the cuban chapman who can bring it faster than nolan ryan! kind of fun to see who is the last guy in this basically irrelevant but exciting little stat!!!