Monday, April 16, 2012

Matt Kemp Out-Homers Entire Teams

This just in...Matt Kemp is a friggin' beast.

He should have won the NL MVP last season and he's on his way to making a case for himself again this season.

Kemp has hit 6 homeruns 10 through games. That's more than the Phillies, Pirates, Nationals, and Cubs. It ties him with the Reds and Padres. That means he has as many or more homeruns than 1/5 of all MLB teams. Wow!

Matt Kemp 2012- .487/1.548, 13 R, 3 DBL, 6 HR, 16 RBI, 1 SB.


Dodgerbobble said...

Fantasy baseball God through week one!

I love Matty, he's the best player in the NL, and possibly the majors. In all fairness, the Dodgers have only faced the Padres and Pirates so far this year.

GM-Carson said...

I had the #1 pick in my fantasy draft and had Matt Kemp 1st in my que, but accidentally seleced Jose Bautista. I was/am pissed.