Thursday, March 29, 2012

MLB 80's Relics

There are two relics remaining from the 80's, and one of them was just guaranteed a spot on the Toronto Blue Jays 25-man roster...Omar Vizquel. The other, Jamie Moyer, is battling for a slot in the Colorado Rockies rotation.

The 44 year old Vizquel is set to enter his 24th MLB season. He earned the utility infielder role with the Jays with a great spring (.433/.952 in 15 games) and tremendous clubhouse reputation. He's currently 159 hits shy of 3000 for his career, and is unlikely to obtain that goal unless he sticks around another 3 years. Gotta admit, it would be fun to have him still playing the field into his late 40's.

Speaking of late 40's, Moyer is fully recovered from his TJ surgery that cost him all of 2010 and is vying for a job with the Rockies. He's currently 2-0, with a 2.77 ERA, 1.08 WHIP, and 11 K in 13 IP. Not bad for a man is nearly double the age of most of his teammates. It will be Grand Pappy's 25th season if he's able to latch on.

Each of these players have interesting Hall of Fame credentials. Vizquel is widely regarded as one of the best fielding shortstops of all time, but his offensive numbers aren't very good- .272/.690, but has stolen over 400 bases and scored over 1400 runs. Moyer is nearing 270 wins and seems to want to continue pitching until his body won't let him anymore, so who knows how close he can creep to becoming a member of the 300 win club.

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