Monday, February 13, 2012

You Can't Keep a Good Idiot Down- Jose Canseco

Jose Canseco is back! How excited are you?

Canseco is trying to latch on with a Mexican League's AAA team- Quintana Roo Tigers. The former juicer doesn't want to give up his dream, and at age 47 thinks he still has something left in the tank. My guess is the only thing he has in his tank is anabolic steroids.

Canseco last played in the Majors with the White Sox back in 2001. He retired in infamy after 17 seasons and 462 homers. Since "retiring", he has published a book in which he claimed 85% of MLB players were on performance enhancing drugs, appeared on VH1's Surreal Life making a total ass out of himself, and signed up for celebrity boxing matches, but sent his lookalike brother Ozzie instead.

Jose played Independent League ball in 2006 and again last year. He just doesn't know when to quit.

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tamtam said...

Oh Jose, what a mess you've become!