Saturday, February 04, 2012

Priced for Quicksale

Greetings, dear readers!

I realize that its been a long time since I've last posted a cartoon on this site, but contrary to what you may have been thinking, I'M NOT DEAD (though the way school's been putting me through the wringer, you'd think I would be by now).

In fact, to prove that I'm still alive, here's my most recent cartoon!

While scanning my Facebook feed one day for interesting stories to read, I came across a video from MLB that mentioned that Vladimir Guerrero, Pudge Rodriguez, and Johnny Damon are still unsigned. Upon hearing this little shocker (specifically because it involved Pudge, my second-favorite catcher in the MLB), I began to think.

All three men are old (ESPECIALLY Vlad Guerrero) and injury prone. Because they're old, they're not gonna be pulling in as much salary as they used to. What are agents to do with such athletes?

Just like the cart in the back of the grocery store that has all the day-old and very-close-to-expiration-date food that must be sold dirt-cheap, our three free-agents find themselves occupying a rack on that unfortunate cart, hoping that some team will sign them soon so they can get back to serving their rightful purpose.

Enjoy your Super Bowl weekend! Go Giants!

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GM-Carson said...

Pudge and Vlad are future Hall of Famers and if Damon can hook on with a team and reach the 3000 hit milestone, he's likely one too.