Friday, January 20, 2012

Baseball is Gross

Baseball is not typically thought of as a gross sport, but the following players buck that mindset. Don Gross, Gabe Gross, Greg Gross, Kevin Gross, Kip Gross, Wayne Gross, Emil Gross, and Turkey Gross have all made baseball gross over the years. Emil started the trend way back in 1879. Next came Ewell, or as his friends called him "Turkey", in 1925. Then there was Don in the 50's, followed by Wayne and Greg in the 70's and 80's. Kevin, Greg's brother, took the Gross tradition into the 90's, where he overlapped with Kip. Lastly, Gabe carried the Gross torch until 2010. Currently there are no Gross players in the Majors, but maybe Gabe will make a comeback or Billy Gross, previously of the Orioles organization will attempt to revive is baseball career.

This is More Harball's 1000th post. Thanks to all who have contributed over the years (since 2006).


Hackenbush said...

Congratulations on the milestone! Your blog is not gross, BTW!

Dylan said...

agree with you