Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Underworld

Though this is old news by now, Alex Rodriguez is under investigation for his involvement in a high-stakes illegal poker game. Included in this game were celebrities like Ben Affleck, as well as gratuitous amounts of drugs, violence, and alcohol, making the sordid event sound like just another night in a Hollywood club.

The kicker is that Rodriguez had been warned by baseball's very own Bud Selig that his participation in the sordid game would result in him being in trouble with the league, but apparently Rodriguez didn't listen.

If there's one sore spot for baseball in America, it is the issue of gambling. Scandals like the "Black Sox" of 1919, and more recently, Pete Rose all bring up painful memories for all involved parties because betting on teams by managers and players is tantamount to cheating. And we all know, nobody likes a cheater.

If Alex Rodriguez is convicted of misconduct (as far as I know, the case is still pending), all his prior accomplishments will be for naught. Look at what happened to the other guys who got caught gambling-the Black Sox were blacklisted from the sport and Pete Rose got sent to baseball purgatory, which is where Alex Rodriguez will likely end up if convicted. He will need someone with an online JD degree to help him out.

One does not need to be a Catholic to imagine that it sucks to be in purgatory. Alex would not like it there, especially since now he has to keep Pete Rose and Shoeless Joe Jackson company. I imagine Pete Rose could use a fresh face to talk to, since he's heard it all by now from Shoeless Joe.

(L-R: Alex Rodriguez, Pete Rose, Shoeless Joe)


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GM-Carson said...

A-Rod is a colossal buttdart. Gambling, Madonna and Kabalah, all his women, PEDs, ridiculous contracts, self love. Screw him.

tamtam said...

Talk about a major lack of foresight on buttdart's behalf.

matthew adkins said...

A- rod is a joke he getting in trouble never focuses on his job. he is worthless and untrust worthy too so he is the worse baseball players ever

tamtam said...

@ Matthew:

I think "sleazy" is a better word to describe A-Rod's off-field activities. Statistically, he's not bad, but it's the shit he does off the field that gives him a bad rap for the rest of baseball's fans