Sunday, September 11, 2011

Drama Jorge

Another older story that was too ripe for me to pass up was the semi-recent benching of the Yankees newest drama queen, Jorge Posada.

This season has not been kind to the seasoned vet. Posada started out the year fairly well-batting .273 in early April before his numbers plunged to a mind-numbing .138. Posada then got demoted to batting in the 9th-slot, and responded to the news by throwing a pissy fit that would have put even the brattiest toddler's meltdown to shame.

But the cantankerous catcher wasn't finished yet. By mid-season, Lil' Jorge's batting average went up and he was batting a solid .244 at one point. It was still bad, but it was a heluva lot better than what he was hitting in the early part of the season. For a moment, us baseball fans thought this man-child had seen the light, put his big boy pants on, and was ready to play like he meant it.

Unfortunately for Lil' Jorge, Joe Girardi had enough. On August 7, 2011, he was benched. Even though he's stuck in baseball time-out, Posada learned his lesson and kept his mouth shut. Though he told the public he was fine with being relegated to bench duty, I'm pretty sure that deep down, Lil' Jorge was pissed and is just waiting for that right moment which sparks another meltdown.

Now that the 2011 season is slowly winding down to a close, one must wonder what other adventures await New York's childish catcher. Will he finish the season as a fully matured man, or as an aging geezer still stuck in the glory days of his youth?

Maybe if Jorge started a new offseason diet or supplement regime he'd be ready to go in 2012. May I suggest he visit an online pharmacy.

Wait, and see.



GM-Carson said...

The Yankees still have this cry baby under contract for another season.

tamtam said...


But on the bright side, I have one more year's worth of mockery to look forward to :)

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