Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Prophecy

Just because I haven't posted in a few weeks here on More Hardball (thank you, summer school, a short vacation, and the start of the new school year) doesn't mean that I haven't been following baseball.

Aside from Thome hitting 600 HRs, my local Diamondbacks going into a tailspin, and the possibility that Alex Rodriguez will join Pete Rose and Shoeless Joe in baseball purgatory for his involvement in an illegal poker game, Schlubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano's epic shitfit has managed to outshine them all.

Yep, Zambrano has become the new Sammy Sosa. Cubs fans who happen to read this blog will remember how Sosa's diva attitude eventually got him thrown outta Chicago. Well, Zambrano is following in his predecessor's footsteps. In his desperate attempt to get out of Chicago and win a championship, Big Z really stepped into the Big One. After a shitty performance in Atlanta, Zambrano cleaned out his locker and walked out on the team. He then announced an abrupt retirement, recanted that statement, and to my knowledge, he's still on the team's payroll.

Now, I'm not known for being psychic, but I swear to God-my (in)famous cartoon of Carlos Zambrano has turned out to be the most prophetic thing I've ever drawn! Originally drawn in 2010 after Zambrano had his first of many annual meltdowns in June only to go mea culpa on ESPN a few weeks later, I predicted that Zambrano would soon find himself permanently unemployed if he couldn't (or wouldn't) control himself.

When he's finally outta Chicago, I won't feel bad for Zambrano. If he's not mature enough to see how corrosive his behavior is, then perhaps he'd be better off not playing baseball in the US. Maybe some baseball club in his native Venezuela or the Dominican Republic will offer Zambrano a job instead. Hey, the man's gotta feed his family somehow.



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