Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The East Dominates MLB

The East Coast dominates Major League Baseball in both the National and American League. Aside from a woeful O's club and an improving Nats squad, every team in the NL and AL East are playing .500 ball or better. The 4 teams with the most wins in baseball are in the East (Phils, BoSox, Yanks, and Braves). All the AL East teams having a winning record against the AL Central and only the O's and Rays having a losing record when facing the AL West. It's much the same in the NL East, where every team has a winning record against the NL Central and only 1 team is below .500 against the NL West (Fish). Combined records of AL and NL East division teams when facing their counterparts in the Central and West divisions: 282-219 (.563%).

AL East:
1. Boston Red Sox 67-41
2. New York Yankees 66-42
3. Tampa Bay Rays 56-52
4. Toronto Blue Jays 56-53
5. Baltimore Orioles 43-63

NL East:
1. Philadelphia Phillies 70-39
2. Atlanta Braves 63-48
3t. New York Mets 55-55
3t. Florida Marlins 55-55
5. Washington Nationals 53-56


Anonymous said...

I forgot ... which 2 teams from the East went to the World Series last year?

The Guru said...

Neither last year. But since 1990, 23 of the 40 teams have come out of the East. One of those years was also a strike shortened season. Since 1990 there have been only 5 seasons where a team didn't get into the World Series. In those 20 seasons, a team from the East has won the World Series 13 times. The World Series has been won 48 times by a team from the East. This year the four best records in baseball are from the East. Leaders in the Top 10 in wins, homers, rbi's, ERA, saves, and otherm major categories are more than half full of players from the East. Out of the 5 favorites to be in the WS this year (NYY, BOS, PHI, SF, TEX) three are from the East. The two Eastern divisions are without a doubt the best in baseball. When the Braves don't win the Phillies, Mets, or Marlins do. When the Yankees don't win, the Red Sox, Orioles, Jays, or Rays win.

Adam said...

I believe that's what we call "PWNED."

GM-Carson said...

Guru- you took the words out of my mouth. Well put sir, well put.

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