Saturday, July 23, 2011

Woman at Work

Since this week has been relatively quiet in the baseball world, I thought I'd take the opportunity to post some drawings that I've done recently.

Though I am stuck in summer school, I have a habit of arriving two hours prior to my first class starting. This is so I can do my homework, but I often finish quickly and this leaves me with plenty of time to draw. So, armed with my phone, an internet connection, a pen, and my drawing book, I go to work.

So let the drawing dump commence, complete with links to the original photos I based my drawings on.

Carlos Quentin

The hard-hitting outfielder for my hometown Chicago White Sox, I make it known that he is my favorite player on the team. I drew this sometime prior to the All-Star Game, which he and Paul Konerko played in. But rumor has it that the Braves are seeking the services of my favorite slugger, so this pen sketch may make an encore appearance sometime in the future, depending on the outcome of the trade season.

Nomar Garciaparra

When I was in my early to mid-teens, I idolized Nomar Garciaparra. Not only was he a good player, but I got such a kick out of watching him play with his gloves and re-velcro his uniform before going up to bat and between every pitch. When Garciaparra came to play for the Cubs, I was ecstatic and even bought a Cubs t-shirt with his name on the back. Unfortunately, Garciaparra's time in Chicago marked the beginning of the end of his career as a player, as his subsequent years in baseball were marred with injuries. Garciaparra finally retired in 2008, but life after baseball has been good to him cuz he's found a career as a decent color commentator for ESPN. I still get to see one of my favorite players on TV, only behind the mike this time and not on the field.

Vladimir Guerrero

Yeah, he's still playing. I was shocked to see that he still was active, given that he's older than dirt at this point. Sheer boredom produced this image, but I regard it as one of my better works cuz in this drawing, Vlad actually looks like he swung the bat.

Albert Pujols

I admit-I don't like Albert Pujols. I think he's overrated, plus he plays for the Cardinals-a team that I never cared much for. Plus, the team is currently tied for second with the lowly Shitsburgh Pirates. With regard to Pujols, you either love him or hate his guts. Since it's been established that I don't like Pujols, why did I draw him? Well, when you're bored, you'll draw anything (or anyone) to pass the time.

And thus ends the drawing dump for Tamtam. If they look amateurish now, they'll get better with more practice.

Enjoy your weekends, everyone!



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