Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tat Peeve

After Derek Jeter FINALLY got his 3000th hit(and while we do congratulate him on the milestone accomplishment, quite frankly, we were sick of Jeter-mania all week), the OTHER main event in baseball this past week was the All-Star Game. This year, the game took place in my current state of Arizona, and while I did not go, it appeared to have been a blast.

One of the lucky players to be selected to the All-Star Game was none other than the youngest of the Catching Molina Bros., Yadier. But a few weeks prior to the game, I noticed something on Yadier that I had not noticed before.

Neck tattoos.

Though I do not recall exactly WHEN I saw the new tats, I initially mistook them for hair plastered by sweat against his head. A second look disproved that, but I didn't get a good look at them until the Cardinals came to Phoenix to play the Diamondbacks, approximately a week before the All-Star Game.

While I generally don't have a problem with body art (take a look at Ryan "Tatman" Roberts, outfielder for my local D-backs, and baseball's REAL human canvas), there are certain places that a tattoo should not go, as is inferred by the guide below:

That being said, Yadier Molina's decision of where to get inked typically tend to be associated with three types of individuals:


Since he's gettin' older, I wouldn't be surprised if Yadier has taken to walking St. Louis' red-light district at nights for the extra cash. Maybe he's thinking ahead and planning for life after baseball. After all, he's got two brothers and many relatives to support and baseball may not be enough to provide a comfortable lifestyle for all of them.


I think this is the most likely explanation for Yadier Molina getting his neck tattooed.


Jersey Shore, anyone?

Like I said before, I typically don't have a problem with players having body art. I may think it tasteless or questionable, but in general, I don't care. However, there is a line that should not be crossed. I do believe that it is a good idea to keep body art covered up cuz tattoos, like jewelry, can be distracting to pitchers and players alike. Also, baseball is a family sport, and it would reflect poorly on Bud Selig and the PR department if all the players looked like they played for the LA Lakers basketball team (literally, walking canvases).

Keep it classy, Yadier.



GM-Carson said...

Stupid douche.

tamtam said...

I initially thought he'd turned to prostitution, but then gangbanging emerged as a more plausible reason for him getting inked in such a conspicuous place.

tamtam said...

And yes, that is a retro Cardinals logo on gangbanging Yadier's hoodie.

GM-Carson said...

Keeps it realz TamTam.

tamtam said...