Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hunter Pence Trade Reaction

My reaction to Hunter Pence trade from a Phillies fan's perspective...

1. Hunter Pence helps this team now. The Phils stink against LHP, and he has a .290 career average against lefties with an .850+ OPS.

2. Jarred Cosart and Jonathan Singleton are in Single-A. Far from guaranteed commodities. They may become stars, or they may never pan out. Pence is good now, will be good through 2013 and both Cosart and Singleton still might not even be in the Majors by then.

3. Joshua Zeid isn't a big loss. Whatever.

4. The Player to be Named Later (aka- PTBNL) is still up in the air. Doubtful it's a big time prospect or any contributor to the current Phillies 25-man roster.

5. Hunter Pence is under team control through 2013. Amaro just got 2 seasons and 2 months of an All-Star outfielder for Single-A prospects. That's awesome.

6. Ed Wade threw $1M the Phils way to help offset Pence's salary and the luxury tax threshold.

7. People bashing Pence's offense should STFU! Pence 2011 OPS- .828. Ryan Howard's 2011 OPS- .796. Not saying Pence is better than Howard, but he's sure doing well right now.

8. The Phillies minor league system still has plenty of pitching prospects (Austin Hyatt, Trevor May, Jesse Biddle, Brody Colvin, Michael Schwimer, Justin DeFratus, and more).

9. This is likely bad news for Domonic Brown though. Manuel loves his veterans and Ibanez is making a crap-ton of money, so he probably remains the starting LF for the rest of this season, despite Brown already being the better player. Dom probably goes to Lehigh Valley until rosters expand in September.

10. I keep reading "the Phillies overpaid". Um, okay. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and my opinion is this was a very good trade by Ruben Amaro. Well done sir, well done.

Proposed lineup:
1. Rollins/SS
2. Victorino/CF
3. Utley/2B
4. Howard/1B
5. Pence/RF
6. Ibanez/LF
7. Polanco/3B
8. Ruiz/C


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, Brown right now is not better then Ibanez now. Ibanez makes plays and actually tries.

GM-Carson said...

Brown has better speed on the base paths. Although Brown is not a good fielder yet, he's better than Ibanez. Brown is getting better too, Ibanez is not, he's in decline. Purely based on OPS, Brown edges out Ibanez too.

DCMcLovin419 said...

Domonic Brown is gonna be amazing I have read a few comparasions where alot of people are comparing him to Darryl Strawberry I just hope he doesnt party like Darryl does but hits and plays the outfield like he does then the Phillies will be even more amazing next year and for years to come.