Saturday, June 04, 2011

Who the hell took over Endy Chavez's body?

What is going on with the Texas Rangers Endy Chavez?

Endy Chavez 2011: .435/1.165, 11 R, 20 H, 4 DBL, 1 TRPL, 2 HR, 6 RBI, and 3 SB in only 12 games.

Endy Chavez 2001-2009: .270/.670 in 827 games.

The 10 year MLB vet has raised his career batting average 4 points and his OPS 19 points in 12 games, now at .274/.689. That's amazing!

The man has always played superior defense, but what if he actually figured out how to hit at the age of 33? Ah, not likely.

*Stats are current through June 3rd.

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tamtam said...

Maybe a body-snatcher got to him, and turned Endy Chavez into a hitting machine!