Saturday, June 25, 2011

Managment Mess

This past week has seen the managerial makeup of several teams shaken up. Jim Riggleman bails on his boob of a team, the Nationals, and left the job to Davey Johnson, someone who, until Riggleman stepped down, I'd never heard of (most of our readers, and the staff might as he played during their lifetimes/memories).

But while Riggleman's walkout was perhaps the most shocking managerial story of the week, it wasn't the first. That came from Florida where Jeff Loria, the GM of the Marlins, somehow managed to dig up Jack McKeon from whatever grave he was in and gave him the reins for that mess of a club in South Florida. McKeon, as you all remember, was the manager who coached the Florida Marlins to a World Series victory against the Yankees in 2003, and had retired in 2006.

McKeon's reinstatement raised the eyebrows of fans and bloggers alike. Are the Marlins so desperate that they had to dig up poor old Jack McKeon to finish a job that their previous manager was originally hired to do? Or did we balk cuz of the fact that Jack McKeon is still alive and kickin', and nobody expected it?

The saga of the Marlins got me thinking, whose coach is next on the chopping block? The Mets aren't doing too well either. Will the management convince Mike Piazza to come out of retirement to coach the Mets?

If you think the Mets' organization is already in a downward spiral, for sure it will crash and burn if Piazza comes to coach the team. Though Piazza had a Hall-of-Fame career as a player, his career as a manager will not be so spectacular. But with the Mets being the butt of all baseball jokes, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot.



GM-Carson said...

Piazza is sexy! Yummo.


tamtam said...


Would you believe it only took me ~40min to draw that pic of Mike Piazza? I did it during my lunch break.

Yeah, he was kinda cute during his playing days. No wonder it was rumored that he was gay.

Matty said...

You never heard of Davey Johnson?? My goodness, I must be getting old.

I like the old school style of Jack Mckeon. A no-nonsense my way or the highway mentality. I think baseball would be much better off if more teams employed managers who didn't baby and coddle these young wise guy players who think the world revolves around them.

Piazza would be entertaining, albeit a disaster.

GM-Carson said...

Yeah, TamTam is still wet behind the ears.

tamtam said...

@ Matty:

You read right. Until that putz Riggleman bailed on the Nationals, I'd never heard of Davey Johnson. His playing days, and most of his managing days took place long before I was born, and/or watched baseball.

Don't get me wrong-McKeon was a good manager. It's not easy to lead a team to a World Series victory. But, he's OLD! I'm dreading the day I turn on my computer to read that Jack McKeon croaked in the dugout just before the game started.

I know Piazza would suck as a manager-that's why I picked him to take that job for the Mets >:]

yengsai1102 said...

I agree with on that matty.
The players did their part on every game but i think they need to pressed more to extract their best.
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tamtam said...

The trick, however, is finding the RIGHT amount of pressure to apply to your athletes in order to get them to optimize their performance. I think McKeon had something figured out from all those years of coaching. Maybe he can finally get Hanley Ramirez to shape up and play.

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