Thursday, June 23, 2011

Love Marines, But Not This One

Here at More Hardball we support, appreciate, and salute America's armed forces, but we do not condone the following...

It is Marine week in St. Louis and during Tuesday's telecast of the Phillies and Cardinals game Fox Sports Midwest invited Colonel T. Shane Tomko into the booth to talk about the week's festivities. What ensued is a shame.

Col. Tomko: I'll tell you what, with that M1A1 Abrams we got across the street, if Halladay keeps on pitching well, we can fix that with one round pretty quickly.
Announcer: (awkward laugh) I'm sure you could. I don't know if we should say that, but you just did.
Col. Tomko: I can say whatever I want because I'm a war fighter, and this is the Cardinals Nation the last time I checked.

Roy Halladay has long been one of my favorite players, dating back prior to his days with my beloved Phils. This Marine's "joke" is uncalled for and sheds a negative light on what otherwise is an upstanding organization that deserves nothing but the utmost respect. Colonel Tomko later tried to explain away what he said, but bottom line is he should have never said it to begin with. He was presented with the opportunity to spread goodwill, give positive reflections on his time with the Marines, and be an enlightening source of information. This he did not do.


Bob D said...

I would imagine its a joke from a disgruntled Cardinal fan upset over Pujols injury.

Patrick said...

Hey! Asshole! Don't hotlink my shit, without my permission!

Dick wad.


P.S. unless of course, you plan on fucking helping me pay for the bandwidth.

GM-Carson said...

Hey, Patrick- quit your whining. It was one picture, chill out.

Patrick said...

No sir, that one picture coasts me bandwidth. and I changed the name of it and removed the old one.

you wanna pay me for use of bandwidth? You can hotlink all you want, until then, get your images elsewhere.

that is all.

tamtam said...

Hater's gonna hate!

cssjones78 said...

I think this is just joke from a bitter Cardinal fan. Love the Marines...
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