Friday, June 24, 2011

Jim Riggleman is a Dumbass

Remember when the Washington Nationals sucked? Yeah, just about 2 weeks ago. Since the Montreal Expos came to America they've been a joke. However, things are starting to turn around in our nation's capital and manager Jim Riggleman has lead them to a 35-34 record this season. Pretty impressive. He should be proud and happy. He should resign? Wait, what? Yep, Riggleman was pissed that his 2012 option had yet to be picked up by the club, so following Thursday's victory that put the Nats over the .500 mark, he resigned and never got on the team bus. This has to be a shock to the Nationals front office, fans, and more importantly the players. Wonder how the rest of their season will shake out now. He desired so desperately to have his future secured in 2012 as a manager, yet he walked away from his job, and now has probably screwed himself as far as ever managing in the Majors again. One thing is for certain though- Jim Riggleman is a dumbass!

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tamtam said...

Hey Riggleman, you putz! Good luck getting another managerial job after this hoopla!