Saturday, June 04, 2011

Double Trouble

Have I a treat for you today, faithful readers!

Today, I have two cartoons to present to you.

My first cartoon deals with none other than my local team, the Arizona Diamondbacks. Just three weeks ago, they were the laughingstock of the NL West. In fact, one of my most recent cartoons lampooned how bad the team was playing. Now, as of today, my local team is sitting in first place, a half-game up on the San Francisco Giants. This turnaround leaves one nothing short of stunned...with joy, that is. Likewise, with this early-season resurrection, the Diamondbacks may prove to be a serious contender for the postseason this year, which is especially sweet as no one saw them coming. Like a phoenix rising out of the flames and ashes in a glorious rebirth, the Arizona Diamondbacks have turned their season around and are here to do some well-deserved ass-kicking.

My second cartoon pokes at none other than my second-favorite catcher, Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez (my first-favorite catcher is AJ Pierzynski). While I've been a fan of Pudge since my teenage years, tonight I was shocked to find that he was still playing and had not retired two years ago, as was my first thought. Albeit, Pudge's current team is the NationLOLs, so he may as well be semi-retired, but it was still a shock to see that the man who I watched lead the Florida Marlins to a World Series victory in 2003 still actively playing the game.

Now one of the immediate quirks I noticed about Pudge after seeing him play that magical year was his religiosity. Personally, I have no problem with players praying to God before going out on the field or crossing themselves before going up to bat. In fact, I respect players who do have the guts to show their faith on the field. But in the case of Pudge, his show of faith seemed to be a bit...excessive. It's one thing for a player to cross himself before going up to bat and then again after he gets the hit, but between every pitch, after every hit, and between every inning (if tonight's game was any indication) just seems a bit too much. While I love Pudge for the player that he is, his frequent shows of faith have made him too ripe of a target to pass up the opportunity to poke at, even though I respect him for having the guts to do it in the first place.

Pudge, if you should find your way to this blog somehow, know that I'm not mocking you because I don't like you. I'm mocking you because I find your rituals a bit over-the-top. That said, if you are as religious in life as you are on the field, ask God to give you five more years of playing time. Darren Sutton, Mark Grace's broadcast buddy, said that's how long you've said you want to keep playing, and I want to hold you both to your respective words. Also, I want you to keep playing as long as possible cuz in spite of your rituals, I enjoy watching you play.

Have a good weekend everyone!


PS-In Pudge's cartoon, he's reciting the beginning of the Lord's Prayer in Spanish.


GM-Carson said...

I love Pudge. Hope he sticks around to collect 3000 hits. It's amazing he's still catching. That takes a toll on the body.

tamtam said...

I love Pudge too! I enjoy watching him play, and I hope he still has a couple more years left in the tank. If he gets to Cooperstown, it'll be a well-deserved honor for a long and successful career. That'll be something for him to REALLY thank God for, should that day arrive.

GM-Carson said...

Ivan Rodriguez is guaranteed the Hall of Fame. One of the best catchers ever.