Monday, May 23, 2011

The Return of Utley

Chase Utley is back and set to make his 2011 debut tonight against the Cincinnati Reds in Citizens Bank Park in front of the hometown Philadelphia Phillies fans.

The Phillies need a spark to ignite their stagnant offense, and hopefully Utley will produce it. The team that is normally known for their offensive prowess has fallen on hard times this season and resides in the bottom third of almost all offensive stat categories in the National League.

Utley, who is returning from the DL due to a knee problem, will still need regular days off (about once a week), and it's yet to be determined just how effective he'll be able to play.


Matty said...

Although I join everyone in the anticipation and excitement of Utley's return, there is an unrealistic expectation that he will be the instant saviour of the offense. If he comes back on fire, then all the better, but when he goes 0-4 a few games, people will soon realize that just like Brown, he's just a man.

GM-Carson said...

Utley is just a man, and with all the injuries over the years, he's a man past his prime.

I love Chase. He's my favorite player, but I doubt he'll ever be the same.

tamtam said...

Nice photoshop job, Carson. Seeing Utley on the flying carpet with Jasmine made my day :)

GM-Carson said...

That was Ruben Amaro Jr. (Phils GM) with Jasmine.