Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jorge won't Play

Jorge Posada has been a bit of a brat.

Last Saturday, Posada was scheduled to play, but told his manager, Joe Girardi, that he didn't want to and took himself out of the lineup. Posada's wife said it was back problems, but this was not the case.

Because Posada's batting average has been a dismal .178 (as of today), he was scheduled to bat 9th-hitting the bottom of the baseball barrel. As someone who had been accustomed to playing higher up in the order, being told to bat 9th is a slap in the face.

While Posada is surely on track to end up in Cooperstown, his better days are clearly behind him. Much like a geezer in a midlife crisis, Posada thinks he's still a .300 hitter in his mind, and should bat in an appropriate position.

Or, perhaps Posada still has some left in the tank and is waiting for the right moment for that last gasp of good play to come out before his career finally comes to an end. Of course, it doesn't excuse his behavior on Saturday, but it's something to speculate on.

But in conclusion, the moral of this story is this: regardless of how well or shitty you're hitting, if your manager tells you to play, you better play. If you're told to bat at the bottom of the lineup, then you bat at the bottom of the lineup, no questions asked. If your back is bothering you (as Posada's is known to do), then tell the team doctor to write you a note saying you can't play today. Don't just walk out of the lineup because you don't like where you're told to bat. Not only does it hurt the team, but the fans are gonna hate you for it too. And those of us who naturally despise the Yankees (ME!) will have extra ammo to attack the team when their players behave like bratty kids.

And that was the inspiration for this week's cartoon. By taking himself out of the lineup, Jorge Posada threw the equivalent of a grown man tantrum. The situation brought to mind stories of kids throwing tantrums in the car on the way home, and I based the cartoon on one of those stories, featuring Derek Jeter and Joe Girardi as the angry parents, and little Jorge Posada as the kid having the meltdown in the back seat.



PS-If you're interested in reading more about the Posada hoopla, here's an article I found that might interest you.


GM-Carson said...

That cartoon is a perfect depiction of lil' Jorge fit he threw. He's better than that, what the hell was he thinking? This just tarnishes his legacy.

tamtam said...

I know, right?

Posada's getting older, and as he gets older, his abilities will decrease as well. But he won't come to grips with that.

What a shame. If he comes to grips and retires gracefully, maybe even a Yankee-hater like myself can come to appreciate Posada and his career.

GM-Carson said...

TamTam- I disagree with Posada being a future Hall of Famer. He was a damn good hitting catcher, but his defense wasn't good and he wasn't the best of his generation either, as both Mike Piazza and Pudge Rodriguez have had far more brilliant careers.

tamtam said...

Ya never know, Carson. Even mediocre players can wind up in Cooperstown.