Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Moments in bad Managing

The Mets have been every bit as bad as their 5-12 record suggests they are. The teams pitching has been horrific. The starters haven't been going deep in the game and has made only four quality starts in seventeen games. The bullpen has blown leads and have walked the park. The hitting has been bad with top players not producing , and the team being awful wrisp. That all said, Terry Collins hasn't helped thing with weird decisions. Apparently he hasn’t attended any sports management colleges (or he just doesn’t remember the lessons).

Mets fans had hoped we'd finally had a manager with a clue. Well the first few weeks of the season has shown we're getting more of the same that we had with Jerry, Willie and Art Howe. Whether it's strange bullpen decisions or giving away outs or pinch running for one of your top offensive and defensive  players in Ike Davis.

Tonight Terry made another stupefying decision. The score was 3-1 Astros  with the lead and there was two on and two out with the pitchers spot up, and Willie Harris and Daniel Murphy available off the bench. Since there was a lefty on the mound Terry decided to go with Chin Lung Hu. He of a .200 Ops this year, and horrid career numbers.  Hu is here as a defensive replacement at second base and no other reason. I wish someone would tell Terry that.

There really is no defense of using Hu as a pinch hitter. I don’t care if a lefty is on the mound. Hu is the biggest give up at bat in the majors this side of Cora. Murphy has done a good job as a pinch hitter. No there's no guarantee he gets a hit, but he gives you a shot. Hu sure doesn't.  Hu predictably K'ed  and that was the Mets only chance at a comeback.

Collins was asked about that strategic move and he said he never thought about using Murphy in that spot because a lefty was on the mound. Face palm. Murphy's numbers aren't bad vs lefties in a so far short sample.Look Terry isn't playing with a full deck with Johan missing most of this season, and Bay missing the first three weeks, but he isn't helping.

Terry was an uninspired hire, and his in game managing has been as unimpressive as the team has been. I guess the best thing about him is he's only under contract for two years and isn't a freak show like Wally Backman.

Terry's probably not as bad as a manager as Fredi Gonzalez either,. I mean I don't see him hitting dreck like Nate McCloth second and a star like Jason Heyward sixth or calling for a suicide squeeze with the pitcher up and two strikes on him, so there's that.


heman said...

might as well call him Terry Manuel. What an idiot

Anonymous said...

Terry is like Jerry Manuel except he's not an asshole who throws his players under the bus.

Mets45 said...

The team is hideous no manager can change that. I dunno y the gave up on Emaus so fast.

GM-Carson said...

Emaus will not amount to anything as a MLB player.

David Klein said...

Terry did it again with the bunting tonight. Why not let Reyes steal instead of giving away an out. Why not hit and run? What an idiot.

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