Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Very Early Thoughts on Second Base Competition

You know I was really hopeful that the Wilpons would do the right thing, and cleanse the team of Castillo and Perez eventually this spring. The worse the news gets about  Wilpons and their lack of funds the more I worry. . There was supposed to be a open competition for the second base job, but so far Luis Castillo has started three of the first five games at second base. That coupled with the fact that Emaus has gotten one start at second and Murphy has started at third gives me a reason to be skeptical.

I mean the thought came to my mind that maybe The Mets are showcasing Castillo, but who in their right mind would want him? The guy can't hit anymore and has the range of a dead mule. He has been absolutely horrendous two of his three full years here. Castillo even in his good offensive year killed ground ball machine Pelfrey with his piss poor range.

I will be fair to Castillo on one hand., he has never been as bad as Perez. I don't get why a lot of fans hate him more than Perez. He makes half the money Perez does and isn't in the same league when it comes to stinking it up. Castillo used to be a really good player, but is at the end of the line and no longer adds anything to this team. That four year contract Omar gave him was beyond stupid, but not Ollie Perez twelve mil a year stupid. That is really my only defense of the guy.

I do understand using Murphy at numerous positions as he might be a utility guy, but early in the spring doesn't it makes sense for him to get as much innings and games at second base,as possible? I mean he is the least experienced guy of the three.   He started at third today with Castillo at second why not shift him over to 2B after Castillo came out of the game?

The fact that shill Matt Cerrone of Metsblog has been going on about how well Castillo looks at turning the DP and how much smoother Castillo is gives me pause. ESPN's Rich Coutinho keeps going on and on about how Castillo is the best all around option at second base. Then there's SNY's Kevin Burkhardt reporting that Castillo is already in the lead for the second base job early on. Burkhardt has been effusive in his praise of Castillo early this spring You gotta wonder if these guys have seen Castillo play the past few years. The praise Castillo is getting makes me worry that he'll make the team.

I am probably overreacting as we're less than a week into exhibition  games. I was pretty reasonable thinking Castillo and Perez were goners(I still think Perez is), but the fact that Castillo is getting this much playing time  does worry me.

It just might be that the front office is giving the veteran a early chance to show he has something left and when he doesn't he's cut loose. That is surely my hope. I do believe in the front office, but the mistrust of the Wilpons has led to my possible irrationality.

The Mets second basemen last year had an OPS around .600.  That is utterly  pathetic. I can't imagine Emaus and Murphy not producing at a much better clip than that. Terry Collins has talked about how second base is a offensive position now, well lets hope he really means it and goes in that direction when deciding on the starter there.
Adam Rubin and other Mets beat writers have called Castillo a long shot to make the team, and likely to be released, so hopefully they turn out to be right. I do understand the mistrust of The Wilpons as they've rarely shown a willingness to eat a contract.  The Wilpons financial troubles just add to the skepticism.


Anonymous said...

i do not trust the wilpons. i wish theyd sell already.

Incredible Hulk said...

Dead mules have more range than Castillo. Burkhardt and Cerrone are tools.

Tom said...

Heard Murphy is starting at second tmrw but castillo will be DHING. Great.

Anonymous said...

you know who's really getting screed?Justin Turner. Dude opsed over .900 last yr in AAA and is getting no chance at the job.

David Klein said...

He's no Nick Evans that's for sure. There's a guy that never got a fair shot with the previoius regime.

GM-Carson said...

As a Phils fan, I root for the Mets brass to put the worst product on the field.