Sunday, March 13, 2011

Feeling the Pain (Spring Injuries)

Adam Wainwright was the first to fall victim to the dreaded spring training injury bug and his season was ended with Tommy John surgery. Some of his cohorts have also been zapped with a malady.
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Notable Boo-Boos:
Chris Carpenter/Cardinals- hamstrung hammy
Chase Utley/Phillies- bum knee
Zack Greinke/Brewers- fractured rib
Corey Hart/Brewers- overused oblique
Jason Castro/Astros- f'd up knee
Adrian Beltre/Rangers- flat tire
Carlos Beltran/Mets- old
Domonic Brown/Phillies- hacked up hand
Johan Santana/Mets- missing arm
Brian Roberts/Orioles- bad back
Adrian Gonzalez/Red Sox- sore shoulder
Grady Sizemore/Indians- needy knee
Ian Stewart/Rockies- no glee knee
Rickie Weeks/Brewers- groaning groin
Michael Cuddyer/Twins- f**ked up foot
Joe Mauer/Twins- he's a catcher, they always hurt
Matt Cain/Giants- erratic elbow
David Aardsma/Mariners- hip hiccup
Miguel Olivo/Mariners- gimpy groin
Vicente Padilla/Dodgers- achy elbow
Jon Garland/Dodgers- strained oblique
Ryan Braun/Brewers- messed up muscle in rib cage
Brandon Webb/Rangers- sucky shoulder
Ryan Zimmerman/Nationals- obituary of an oblique

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Matty said...

It always amazes me that every single spring training season, so many players are injured. They've been off for about 4-5 months, with the opportunity to get and be in great shape to start the season. And yet, so many of them come down with injuries. Hmmmm.