Friday, February 11, 2011

Video of Daniel Murphy working out at Second Base and analysis

This video is  from Metsblog   of Daniel Murphy working out at second base in Port St Lucie . He sure looks graceful eh? I know it's early February and he hasn't played all that much at second base. He is a not graceful as we saw when he played LF.. It is a forty- six second clip , so there's not a ton you can take from it. You do have to wonder about his mobility with that knee brace in addition to his range and ability to turn the double play.  That was a worry even before he wrecked his knee.

Murph has gotten hurt pretty much every time he's played second base. I will be fair and say last years injury was because of a cheap shot, and not even the most experienced Second Baseman gets out of the way, I don't think.

It is no surprise that Murphy showed to Spring training a few weeks early. You can not question his work ethic it is his ability to play the position or really any position but first base. I don't think we know what kind of a hitter he is either. He was pretty great in a short sample in '08 and pretty bad in five hundred at bats in '09.  He has a .770 ops in 600+ at bats which would be pretty solid at second base. I get more skeptical as the days go by about his ability to play second base.

I am rooting for him as well as Emaus and Turner because I don't want there to be a chance of Castillo making the team. I think he can be a solid bench player if he loses out on the second base job. He was a pretty good pinch hitter back in '08-09 and had a good approach.  We would know a lot more about him if he had stayed healthy last year.

There are some Mets fans that want the team to trade for Michael Young. I have no interest in Michael Young. He has a lead glove and is vastly overpaid. He also has seen his offensive numbers slip and his road numbers are ugly.
I am looking forward to Spring Training to watch Baseball and discuss it instead of being beaten down by The Wilpon-Madoff mess. There are plenty of interesting stories on the field and the Second base battle is one we'll all be watching closely.


Anonymous said...

Michgaekl Young is available lol

David Klein said...

No thanks . Young is vastly overpaid and a led glove. He doesn't hit outside of his home ballpark anymore anyway.

jon said...

Would you trade for him if you can dump Bay?

David Klein said...

I think Bay will rebound and Young will only get worse.

GM-Carson said...

Dump Bay? Why would the Mets do that? If Bay comes back healthy and hits like a normal season, the Mets will be happy with him.

Young on the otherhand is aging quickly. He can still hit, but not all that well.