Monday, February 28, 2011

I Miss My Saturday Mornings

Saturday Mornings...

It used to mean cartoons. That was before Cartoon Network and all these channels that keep our children brain dead for 24 hours a day. Back then, we had just a few channels and we would drag our butts out of bed on our day off of school just to watch the drivel that all the networks compiled for our pleasure. In my house NBC was king of the Saturday morning lineup, with shows that had a moral underlying and tied into the slogan "The More You Know".

Okay, I feel old at this point and any of you that have no idea of what I am talking about, just shut up and keep reading. I do not need you reminding me that you were "X" years old during this time frame or just a "twinkle in someone's eye". You're young, I'm not, can we move on? Good.

For a short time, NBC decided to mix my pleasures and gave me a cheesy, morally driven cartoon show with a sports theme to it. You see, while Michael Jordan (the basketball player, don't start the age thing again), Wayne Gretzky and Bo Jackson were much more than all star athletes, on Saturday mornings they were crime fighting machines!

The athletes themselves, in live action clips, would often introduce the show or recap the moral lesson learned at the end of it. During the animated portion of the show, often a child would call for the sports stars to help with a moral dilemma and the three stars would race to the child's aide. Unfortunately, their acting talents left something to be desired and the characters were voiced by actors not the players themselves.

The ProStars were based out of Mom's Gym and the proprietor, aptly named "Mom", provided them with gadgets that would assist them in the week's quest. The Neighbor, an elderly man, would fall victim to the misfiring gadget more times than not.

However, wrapped up in all of this was good entertainment for kids that showed them a moral lesson and gave them athletes to look up to because of what they did for the kids. It is a tribute to a time gone by, both for the athletes and the television programming that led to it.

The show never failed to let the kids know that "Bo Knows", however, and entertained the masses for the course of a season and 13 episodes.

Spring Training is in full swing, baseball is back, and there is More Hardball on the way.

I'll go back to the nursing home now.


GM-Carson said...

But Bo don't know Diddley.

Dave said...

I love Saturday mornings. I didn't have cable when I was younger so I was used to playing outside. Now Saturday mornings mean Little League! Field prep at 7am and then umpiring or coaching or solving problems. I love it. I spend most of my summer at the Little League fields.

GM-Carson said...

Dave- I didn't have cable until my senior year in high school.

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