Monday, February 07, 2011

Can We Get Back To Baseball Now

I am a football fan. There, I admitted it. I hope you're happy.

I am not a football fanatic, however. While I watched every minute of the Super Bowl (and the commercials), I had no vested interest. I'm a Chiefs fan and well, let's just let that die, shall we?

Congrats to the Packers for bringing the trophy back home to the place that gave it a name. It was a great game and they deserved the win in the end.

Now, can we focus on baseball? Pitchers and Catchers report in a week. Don't get me wrong, that still leaves little to talk about other than grown men playing catch for a few weeks, but damn it is going to be nice to hear the crack of a bat or the smack of the glove again.

For those of you thinking it right now, I really do not care to hear your opinions on why I should be watching hockey, basketball, NASCAR, or lacrosse at this point. The Super Bowl is over, there is only one thing I want to hear right now.

My blood burns for it, my heart pumps it, and my mind drifts away to it. The green grass of the outfield. The dust of the infield. The sounds of "Hot Dogs", "Cold Beer" and "Ice Cold Lemonade" wake me from my dreams. The names Pujols, Jeter, Wilson and Mauer draw my attention. The sweet sound of the man in blue yelling "PLAY BALL!" and the organ encouraging the crowd.

Yes, folks, I've got baseball fever. I've got it bad. There's only one cure.

More Hardball.


GM-Carson said...

Baseball, baseball, baseball!!!

GM-Carson said...

By the way, what "Wilson" are you referring to?

Jack Wilson, CJ Wilson, Brian Wilson, Bobby Wilson, or Josh Wilson.

Or perhaps...Wilson Betemit, Wilson Ramos, Wilson Valdez.

Anonymous said...

Re: Wilson

I should just say "Yes". But due to my latest issue of SI, it is Brian Wilson that I was reading about.

- Bill