Monday, January 17, 2011

Thoughts on the Mets signing Chris Young

While I really like the Capuano signing, this one not so much. Young has lost seven mph of his fastball since '04. He also hasn't been able to stay healthy since '07. You know pitchers with shoulder problems rarely recover. He can't get people out with an 84 mph fastball on the oft chance he stays healthy. I would like to see them bring in some more insurance.

I guess Dillon Gee could be okay insurance for Young but he had a pretty bad K-BB ratio at the MLB level and gave up a ton of homers. Citi Field should help bring down Gee's homer rate. Young is a extreme fly ball pitcher so Citi could help him but the lack of velocity and durability scares me. If he can get his fastball velocity back up to 87-88 I'd feel better but pitchers rarely regain velocity.

Capuano coming off his second Tommy John surgery did regain his velocity (which does happen after having that surgery) and that's part of the reason I feel better about him. He could also be an effective loogy out of the pen (he was  used out of the pen a bit last year) if he struggles as a starter. I doubt that Young could be moved to the pen. Capuano between the minors and majors threw 100+ innings last year , while Young made four starts. Who knows if Young even passes the  psychical.
Personally I would have signed Jeff Francis for two mil. He showed improvement in the second half last year and in my opinion is a better bet to stay healthy. He would be a good fit for Citi Field too. The front office knows Young well and I do believe in the them, but I'm very skeptical that this signing will work out.


steveie said...

hope they sign a guy like bonderman or someone like that.

GM-Carson said...

Young doesn't need velocity to be effective, he needs health. If he makes 25+ starts this season you'll be glad the Mets got him.

Anonymous said...

I would have signed garland personally.