Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Phone Call

Poor Jim Thome.

Though the Texas Rangers are said to be seeking the services of the journeyman slugger, I have reason to think they won't come to any sort of fruition. The fact is, Thome is well past his prime. He will have to endure another offseason of no calls, and if another team signs Thome, it will be at the very last minute, just so they can meet the salary cap.

Cartoon inspired by a MS Paint picture on South Side Sox, and is courtesy of yours truly.


**EDITORS NOTE** Update: Jim Thome re-signed with the Twins a few days ago. In light of this update, enjoy the cartoon anyway.


Anonymous said...

He was pretty great last year.He kills lefties.

Captain Canuck said...

didn't he sign with the twins a couple of days ago?

tamtam said...

@ Captain Canuck: Yeah, he did. But I drew this before I heard the news.

GM-Carson said...

He doesn't kill lefties, he kills righties.