Monday, January 03, 2011

Alderson's gambles could really pay off

Sandy Alderson made the type of low risk high rewards signings that you can't help but like. In Taylor Buchholz, Sandy signed righty reliever that had a great '08 and has struggled to stay healthy since. He has handled righties and lefties and limited walks when he's pitched. It's a smart cheap gamble. If he can't stay healthy it's still a worthwhile risk.
 I really like the Capuano signing. He was a pretty solid starter until he missed a good amount of time having had Tommy John Surgery twice. He came back last year and pitched out of the pen and started some and was very effective especially vs lefties. He had a good K rate and his velocity was where it had been in the past (unlike Chris Young).
Capuano will be given a chance to start and probably will at least dominate the lefty heavy Phils lineup. If he struggles as a starter you can use him as a loogy and he could give you good value there too. These are the type of solid signings you like your GM making instead off wasting money on the Cora's of the world, like the last GM did. The rotation and bullpen look a lot better than it did yesterday. Hopefully Alderson has a few more moves like these up his sleeve.                   


GM-Carson said...

The Capuano signing is one of the best of the offseason in my opinion. I think he has the potention to become a solid pitcher once again- 4ish ERA, 12+ wins.

Anonymous said...

nice move, always liked capunao. hope they get another starter.

tom said...

Bill James projections on Gee are pretty good fwiw.

Anonymous said...

eh near 5 e.r.a in the minors and a terrible walk and strike out rate in the majors