Sunday, December 05, 2010

Winter Meeting Put The Focus Back On Baseball

The final out of the World Series took place on November 1 this season.

Since that day, baseball has taken a back seat to college basketball, professional basketball, professional football, and even (I don't even want to type it) hockey.

If you are the type that feels that the National Hockey League deserves to be focused on over baseball at any point during the calendar year, Canada is North of here, feel free to drive on.

If you miss baseball, well prepare for your local news cast, national sports cast, and websites around the world to start bringing you some happiness once again. No, it's not time for those magic words of Spring, but it is time for the Winter Meetings.

The owners of the various franchises that make up Major League Baseball will spend this week discussing the game, changes that may/may not be made, and pulling each other aside to talk some business. The hot stove will fire up and warm the empty hearts of all of those that have been missing the game. New players will be acquired, old players will be seen mingling around, rumors will leak, change and come back full circle, and free agents will be signed.

For baseball fans everywhere, Christmas comes just a little early. Maybe, if you are one of the fortunate ones, you will wake up one day this week with a pretty red bow around Cliff Lee's brand new jersey with your team's name on it. Maybe that fresh wrapping paper will hide the likes of Carl Crawford. It may even be Zack Greinke.

So, kick back, baseball fans. Pop in your copy of Major League, surf the Internet for all the rumors your mind can comprehend. Warm yourself by the Hot Stove for a few days and get ready for Spring. Pitchers and Catchers report in 70 days to Florida and Arizona.

Hang in there fans, More Hardball is on its way.

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GM-Carson said...

Wonder if Lee or Crawford will sign this week. I'm guessing no, especially on Crawford because he has the leverage of being the best bat left on the market by far now that Dunn, V-Mart, and Werth have signed.