Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jon Heyman is a tool

This is not exactly breaking news to anyone that has heard the guy on the radio, TV or read one of his ill informed articles. For whatever reason Heyman has been bashing Alderson since he was named Mets General Manager. He was pushing for Hahn or Byrnes suggested that Alderson had lost touch and been out of the game too long and was out of touch. The guy was ignoring the fact that Alderson was Padres team Pres and very much in the decision making. Heyman has gone on and on about how the Mets front office is being paid five million combined while they have five mil to spend. He has gone on and on wondering why they are being paid this much. I wonder if he checks in on other front office salaries.                                                                                                                                                    
I'm wondering why WFan, Sports Illustrated , and Mlb Network pay him big bucks to mostly confirm Joel Sherman's and Ken Rosenthal's scoops. Lets not forget his analysis is weak as heck. and leaves us wanting.. When he does break news it's always Boras clients, Hmmmm I wonder why? Heyman is widely considered a Boras hand puppet. Maybe he's getting on Alderson because he's not tossing around money and takes away a potential landing spot for a Boras client. I mean Poor Boras has one less team to play off of and inflate prices. Heyman has been known to claim teams are interested in Boras clients when they really aren't.                                                                                                                                                            
You can look no further than Oliver Perez. Heyman was the only one to suggest Perez was drawing interest and stated that the Brewers and Cards were the interested parties. It may have caused Omar to bid against himself even more who knows. I believe both teams pretty much stated they had no interest. Heyman has gone on and on calling them Harvard geniuses in a sarcastic way. Here is a guy that takes a shot at the Mets front office in article and many tweets. Who can forget his The Mets can the Mets skip to 2015 tweet? This is a guy that thins a awful Gm like Ned Colletti is a good Baseball man. Yup the guy that gave Jones, Schmidt, and Pierre those wonderful contracts is awesome. You know never mind the killer Carlos Santana for Casey Blake trade.                                                                                                                                                         
In two months Heyman's criticized Alderson more than he criticized Minaya in six years. He called the Annontini for Hiu trade a huge win for the Dodgers and called it the continuation of a curious Mets off season. When has Colletti ever gotten the better of the trade. Don't forget he said Gee is the 4th starter until Santana comes back. Huh? Pretty sure the Mets will sign a starter or two. I guess I shouldn't expect more from a guy that admits to having a personal issue with Carl Pavano and thinks Jeter plays great defense and deserved the gold glove and that Mattingly and Parker are Hall of Famers.Lets not forget that in his Offseason winners  list he had The Nats there(because they spent crazily on a Boras client) , and The Pirates for just spending money I guess.


Jonathan said...


Dave said...

I don't get it either. I have my issues with the offseason but this is over the top.

Dillion Gee fan said...

hes unquestionably a Boras guy but hes entitled his opinion on Alderson n I wonder y they traded the lefty 2.

GM-Carson said...

Heyman makes up scoops/rumors sometimes just so he can get his name in the headlines.