Monday, November 08, 2010

Time To Bail

From the moment the words "The Giants are World Champions" escaped Joe Buck's mouth, fans made a mass exodus to the virtual gates of baseball. This season is over and it is time to focus attentions elsewhere. The NFL is in full swing, the NBA and NHL seasons have started, and the holidays are quickly approaching. No need to worry about baseball until April.

Sound familiar? How do you ever exist without me to guide you?

Baseball does not stop. Just because the game leaves the field does not mean that there is nothing to pay attention to. There are plenty of things to focus on for the next 98 days until pitchers and catchers report. Please, of course I know how long until they report.

Arizona Fall League

A combination of players working their way up the organizational ladder and those that are trying to convince their organization that they deserve another look, the Arizona Fall League will run through November 20 and features some of the best talent the minor league system has to offer. MLB Network has announced a few games to be televised and is doing a great job bringing commentary to the world.

Free Agency
Teams were officially allowed to contact individual players as of November 7. The "Hot Stove" league immediately started heating up with teams developing their off-season shopping list and comparing their needs to the available players on the market. If you have not discovered, you either don't care or you live under a rock.

Winter Meetings/General Manager Meetings
Baseball's General Managers meet every year to discuss business and plant some trade seeds and see what grows. This year, they meet in Orlando on November 16th - 17th. In December, from the 6th - 9th, Baseball's annual Winter Meetings take place. Again in Florida, this time in Vista, deals will be made to trade players, sign free agents, and complete transactions. Twitter will have frequent updates from every major sports writer in the country trying to ensure that he or she gets the scoop before any of their counterparts.

Finally, don't forget all the great websites out there that will bring you historical coverage and walks down memory lane, their choices for great players of the past and present, and breakdowns of player signings and acquisitions. If there is any information you want to know, any thing you might have forgotten, or any statistics that will unveil the future of your favorite team, the various blogs and new media sites will keep you well informed.

Because, let's face it, there is always More Hardball.

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