Friday, November 19, 2010

The Offseason

As this offseason swings into full gear, we fans have to put up with another year of Padres 1st Baseman Adrian Gonzalez being pimped out like a $2 hooker by Jed Hoyer, San Diego's GM. In this case, literally.

While I am aware that the club exercised their option to keep Gonzalez, I have reason to believe that he won't be there by the time the 2011 season is over. For all I know, Hoyer is calling teams behind closed doors to cut a deal for when he can get rid of his most productive player. Where he'll send Gonzalez, I don't know.

Have a laugh and enjoy your weekend!


GM-Carson said...

San Diego is a beautiful city and they have a great park. Put a winning team on the field and fans will come. Trading Adrian Gonzalez away is NOT part of that equation.

tamtam said...


I predicted that Adrian Gonzalez would not be with the San Diego Padres at the start of the 2011 season, and I was right! You can only be pimped out like a $2 hooker for so long before you get a taker.