Monday, November 29, 2010

The Mistress

It's Monday. Just like every other Monday, you come stumbling over here to me and remember your true love of baseball. But you spent the weekend with her, didn't you? In the arms of football, telling her how much you loved her and would never leave. Yet here we are, once again, and I take you back one more time. This is getting old. Why don't you love me?

You want a story? You want the National Pastime to keep you warm now? You want to know about the past? Fine. Seriously, though, I'm worth more than this. Sit down and listen...

Two All Star Games

During the off-season of 1958, the players union and the league reached an agreement to help fund the struggling Players' Pension Fund. The fund had largely been ignored previously, so the owners agreed to give the Pension Fund 60% of the revenue from the All Star Game and the players agreed to stage two Mid-Summer Classics.

Beginning in 1959, the league would convene on two separate dates at two different fields for the All Star Game. On July 7, the tradition All Star Game was played at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh. A month later, the second All Star Game of the season would break all traditions and be the first such exhibition to be played on the West Coast at Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles.

The new tradition of two games would carry on for a very short four year time span. On July 30, 1962, Wrigley Field would host the second game of that season, a game won by the American League by a score of 9-4.

That winter, the players and owners reached a new agreement, giving the Player's Pension Fund 95% of the proceeds for the single All Star Game. The traditional one game per season would remain honored from then on.

Many experts have debated whether the two all star game format was a success or a failure. Some have debated that the game should attempt to return to something of this nature, while others question the legitimacy of the Mid Summer Classic all together.

What do you think? Leave a comment, tell me your opinion.

I will be here again next week, helping you recover from your pigskin hangover. I know just the cure for it. More Hardball.

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GM-Carson said...

I remember being totally stoked for the All-Star game every July when I was a kid. Now, it's a joke to me. Pitchers are coddled, starting position players only get a couple at bats before the reserves come in. All 30 teams must be represented, even the Pirates and Royals...ugh!