Monday, November 15, 2010

Be Careful Not To Get Sick

Baseball has moved full force into the Hot Stove season. With the GM conferences right around the corner and the influx of ways that members of traditional and New Media can get information to you quickly, it is going to get a bit crazy out here.

We have all been there, players demand trades, general managers announce they will listen to offers about a superstar, or managers express their dislike of a player on the team. With the addition of websites like Twitter to the world of the media, it becomes increasingly hard to ensure that a reporter gets "the scoop" before anyone else. What it ends up leading to is a confusing dervish of information that can leave you looking either foolish or brilliant at the water cooler.

If you are going to follow the hot stove and use it to look like an expert in front of your group of coworkers and friends, you have to be careful. News moves quick at these meetings, even before the addition of social media sites. Players can go from on their way out, to being traded, to signing an extension with their original team within hours. Case in point right now: Dan Uggla.

The Marlins second baseman has been the subject of rumors around the Internet. This week alone, Uggla rumors have stated that he and the Marlins are working on an extension, that he refused the extension, that the Marlins have refused to continue negotiations with him, and that he is actively being shopped to multiple teams. Marlins fans must be going nuts right now.

When it comes to the hot stove, be careful. Don't tempt fate, it may bite the hand that feeds it. The Hot Stove can reward you with a new bat, provide you with a stable arm, or make your brand new jersey obsolete before you get to wear it.

Head the More Hardball warning: Exposure to the Hot Stove may induce dizziness, fatigue, or nausea. Expose yourself in small doses. Watching the transaction wire may be a more productive passing of time.

And remember, only 91 more days until More Hardball.

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GM-Carson said...

If the Blue Jays get Uggla they're already homerun happy lineup will be ridiculous!!!