Sunday, October 10, 2010

Poor Brooks Conrad

The entire season Brooks Conrad was building a cult status for his late inning hitting heroics, but all that goodwill has been erased due to him being shoved into a situation he doesn't belong. Chipper Jones goes down with an injury for the upteenthbillion time in his career moving Martin Prado to 3nd and Omar Infante to 2nd full-time. Then in the last week of the season Prado breaks himself forcing Conrad into a starting role, something for which he is obviously not equipped. In that last week he botched some crucial plays and the Braves barely got the Wild Card. Now in the playoffs Bobby Cox has moved him to 2nd base away from 3rd and he's still fielding-faulty. He's now committed 4 errors this postseason, and 3 of those have come in tonight's game to the Giants. The last one was a vital blow to the Braves chance of winning as he allowed out 3 to roll between his legs while the winning running rolled across the plate.

From Facebook:
WSBGMs- Brooks Conrad with his 3rd error of the game. Better put him on suicide watch.

Steve Kapschock- he would probably botch that too.

Kurt Wilson- take his shoe laces.


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Bob D said...

that whole comment section was awesome, I laughed for about 15 minutes