Monday, October 11, 2010

Are You A Baseball Fan?

Hello again, baseball fans. I hope everyone is enjoying what is proving to be a very entertaining post-season. What's that, you aren't watching? That is exactly what I was afraid of.

This season I have seen more writers, bloggers and general fans seem to abandon baseball as the post-season approached. As teams were eliminated from contention, so were the people associated with them. Writers became unsure on what to write about, bloggers were not fired up about baseball that they couldn't cheer for and fans were disinterested because their teams were playing golf.

Now, friends, that is exactly what bothers me. I have heard writers tell me this year that they were not a fan of the game anymore after years of covering it. I see fans that say they can't root for a team other than their own. That makes me question the term "baseball fan".

You see, I'm a fan of the game. I have had many people tell me, "I was a huge fan of baseball before the strike". If that is the case, you were not a fan of baseball, you were a fan of Major League Baseball. When the players went on strike, I purchased tickets to watch replacement players on opening day. I went down to my local park and watched Little League Baseball, High School Baseball and anyone else that stepped on a field.

When my team, which happens to be the Cardinals if you are wondering, was eliminated from play, I was unhappy. But ignoring the game was never an option. If I would have buried my head in the sand, I would have missed history as Roy Halladay threw a no hitter to start his post-season career. I would have missed what is arguably one of the best crowds in baseball as the Braves took the field at home against the Giants. I would have missed my team's rivals getting swept out of the post-season as quickly as they arrived. I would have missed a dominant performance by a Yankees team that many, including myself, had written off for dead.

You see, dear reader, baseball is a great game. A stolen base when a team is down a run, a strikeout to end an inning after an error in the field, a game deciding home run from a one time pitcher, or a deciding game five between two teams that will fight to the death to play one more series - none of these things lose their beauty based off the colors of the uniforms worn in the game.

Recently, another writers asked the question "Why Do You Love Baseball?" and I responded with a piece that is currently featured on his website. For those of us that truly love the game, we are not Cardinal fans, Yankee fans, or Braves fans, we are just baseball fans, and we are very seldom let down by the game.


GM-Carson said...

I am a baseball fan. Not until recently has my team been any good- Phillies, but I always watched the season through even when they were out of contention and watched the playoffs when they weren't in it. Baseball is beautiful, baseball is life.

Anonymous said...

Baseball IS beautiful. Every pitch has the potential to result in either glory or disaster

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