Friday, September 03, 2010

Politics and Baseball

Here's an article that caught my eye on Deadspin.

According to an article on this website called "The Daily Caller", people who lean towards the conservative end of the political spectrum, love baseball!

The article states that conservative-leaning individuals, particularly elite conservatives like Charlie Krauthammer and George Will, tend to like baseball more that other American sports because it's merit-based and the rules haven't changed all that much in the 100+ years that baseball has existed in this great country.

But that's not to say that ALL baseball fans are conservative! Like all sports, baseball's fans share a variety of political beliefs, but individuals political views are but a minute trifle in the greater scheme of things. What unites all baseball fans is the fact that we go to baseball games because, well, it's fun! It's a great way to spend the afternoon with friends and family, away from the crazy hustle-bustle of the world. We go to baseball games to GET AWAY FROM politics, and when the two cross paths, the result is often an ugly mess.

With that in mind, have a great Labor Day weekend everyone!


GM-Carson said...

Happy Labor Day weekend! 3 straight days of partying...oh yeah!

I'm a liberal conservatist.

tamtam said...

I'm an independant conservative. I love Rush, Beck, Hannity, Savage, etc.

Happy Labor Day!

Dixoncsjz said...

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