Thursday, September 23, 2010

Playing Into Future Plans- Wilson Valdez

Who's the hottest team in baseball? The Colorado Rockies. Nope, the Philadelphia Phillies. And one has to wonder where they would be without Wilson Valdez. Valdez was signed to a minor league contract and was to serve as filler at Triple-A. He didn't stay in the minors for long, as an injury to Jimmy Rollins occurred and the utilityman for the Phils at the time, Juan Castro, just wasn't getting it done. The Phightins summoned Valdez and he's been a savior at shortstop, as J-Roll has seen the DL twice and is currently hobbled by another blown tire. Wilson's glovework has been superb, especially his missile projecting arm. He's been adequate at the plate too- .258/.658, 30 r, 33 rbi, 4 hr, 5 sb in 102 games. The 32 year old is not a MLB starter by any means, but he's certainly played himself into Philly's future plans as their utility infielder, and he's the best they've in the role since Tomas Perez back in 2003.

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SirAlden said...

Tomas kept his job for years by being the guy everyone loved and his shaving cream pies.

He hit a bit one year.

He could not field at SS.