Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Playing Into Future Plans- Dan Johnson

A .225 batting average is nothing to brag about, in fact many fans would bitch about it. Batting average isn't everything though, as we know getting on base and the ability to have the hits you do collect go for extra bases matters a helluva lot too. Dan Johnson's batting average is lackluster but he boasts a solid .863 OPS due to his keen eye and power. The Tampa Bay Ray has been a bit of a sparkplug since being plugged into the lineup regularly. In 29 games the 31 year old lefthanded batting 1B/DH has scored 14 runs and collected 16 rbi on 18 hits (2 doubles, 6 homeruns) while walking 21 times. That's a small sample size, but it's enough to warrant continued plate appearance for Johnson in the remaining week of the season and in the playoffs. Next year is up in the air with the Rays, but with those numbers he's playing himself into someones future plans (he is arbitration eligible).

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Beer-a-Thon said...

Hope he blasts the Yankees outta the playoffs.