Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Good the Bad and the Fugly.

This weekend could be very favorable for the Phillies. They have the Mets coming to town while the Braves are in Washington to take on the Doughboys. The Braves rotation right now favors them to sweep the Nationals this weekend whereas the Phillies are going to be going with Blanton and Kendrick and then Hamels on Sunday. I see the Phillies winning two out of three and have the magic number at 1 as they go on the road. Which is odd because recently they have been clinching serious games at home.
Now on to this past week. It was a good week for the Phillies as well as the Twins and a terrible week for the Cardinals. First with the Phillies. They did a great job with there BIG 3 but my concern comes at the beginning of the lineup. On Tuesday, Victorino went 0-5 and provided no spark for the offense. Yes he did make some good defensive plays but his speed at the top of the lineup needs to be used to its fullest extent. My other concern this week is the amount of baserunners left on base. It was terrible. There were over ten left on base on Tuesday night. For the Twins, they are a great team right now and have alot of time to rest and build there rotation around a tough American League that will sure to be stacked with names like A-ROD and JETER come postseason time. I just hope they don't get stuck with the Yankees the first round. Don't say I didn't warn you back in the beginning of the year that the Twins will be in the playoffs due to their new stadium this year. Lets just hope they don't have a target on their back.
Finally the Cardinals. Thank god they wont be making the playoffs this year. This team went from contender to pretender in a matter of a couple of weeks. They had terrific pitching but their hitting left them down. Dont be surprised if there is some major shake ups in this organization next year.
Finally my predictions for MVP, CY YOUNG and ROY for the National League. MVP Joey Votto, CY YOUNG Roy Halladay and ROY Gaby Sanchez. Eat that GM-Carson.


GM-Carson said...

What exactly am I to be eating?

Bob D said...

It ain't over till the fat lady sings