Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday is Piniella's Final Game

Lou Piniella was already set to retire from managing at the end of the 2010 season, but it turns out he just doesn't have enough left in the tank to make it the final month and a half. He's trading in his Chicago Cubs uniform for some lounge clothes that he'll be wearing while hopefully relaxing with his family. The fiery skipper said he is no longer interested in the daily grind of the game, but may be open to consulting for the Cubbies or another organization in the future. Most experts would agree that Sweet Lou has a spot reserved for him in the Hall of Fame, as he's one of the best managers this fine game of baseball has ever seen. 18 years playing and 23 years managing, and today is the final game Lou Piniella participates in one capacity or another. Have fun in retirement Lou, you've earned it.

Player Stats:
(with Orioles, Indians, Royals, and Yankees)
1787 G, 651 R, 1705 H, 305 2B, 41 3B, 102 HR, 766 RBI, 32 SB, .291/.333/.409, predominately as a leftfielder.

Managerial Stats:
(with Yankees, Reds, Mariners, Rays, and Cubs)
1835-1712, 1 World Series Ring (1990 Reds), 6 division titles.

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tamtam said...

So long, Lou. Hope retirement treats you better than the Cubs organ-I-zation did.