Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jeff Francoeur Sucks!

I recently had a short, but silly debate on Facebook about the worth of Jeff Francoeur. Jeff Francoeur sucks, and even the Mets know it. The only people that don't know it is Francoeur himself and apparently this die-hard Frenchy fan.

Some Dude- Having Jeff Francoeur in the lineup might have enabled Mets to score more than two runs FOR THE ENTIRE WEEKEND while playing at Debits Field vs Philadelphia. And not holding Johan Santana back a day so he could open the series was inexcusable. Yes, Dickey pitched a one-hitter but maybe Santana could have pitched a shutout too.

Francoeur sucks! He's one of the worst every day players in the majors the past 2 seasons. He hinders a lineup, not help.

Some Dude-
I know Jeff swings at every pitch, never walks, and hits for a low average. But his home ballpark neutralizes his power, he has the best outfield arm in the majors, and he's tremendous in the clubhouse. His 9th-inning HR beat the Braves in the first game of the Atlanta series.

Francoeur hasn't been good for years. His arm is awesome, but whether it's the best or not is debatable. However, his on base skills and lack of power and average make him nearly worthless on offensive. Look at the stats man, they don't lie, regardless of the ballpark, he stinks!

Alright, lets be real. This guy is a Braves fan, as evident from the hat he wears in his Facebook photo, and he's just bitter that the Phillies took 2 of 3 from the Mets this weekend and are creeping up on Atlanta in the NL East. However, his assertion that Francoeur being absent from the lineup was detrimental to the Mets scoring runs is just ludicrous. Frenchy had a fine rookie season in 2005 batting .300 with a .884 OPS. The next two seasons he turned in slightly above average campaigns ('06- .260/.742, '07- .293/.782), but in 2008 he turned into complete crap- .239/.653. The Braves were starting to question his worth, then half way through the 2009 season they decided he wasn't worth a squirt of piss batting a measly .250/.634 at the time of his trade to the Mets. Then in New York he experienced a renaissance to salvage his season and seemingly his career batting .311/.836. This year? Same shit, different toilet- .235/.663. How is that good? How does that help you score runs? Sure he's still got a cannon in rightfield, but who gives a flying flip when you can't hit your way out of a paper bag. Verdict- Jeff Francoeur sucks!


Beer-a-Thon said...

Fuck the Braves and fuck the Mets.

Borracho said...

Fuck the Mets. Then let the Braves fuck the Mets, then fuck the Braves.