Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Where My Molinas At?

The Catching Molina Brothers is More Hardball's crowning achievement. The post is over a year old but still gets us about 100 hits a day. Therefore, I thought it was time to catch up on everyone's favorite backstop trio...

Where My Molinas At?
*Bengie Molina re-signed with the Giants this offseason, but with Buster Posey ready to take on full-time duties behind the plate that left the eldest Molina as an unneeded piece in San Francisco. Just a few days ago Bengie was shipped to Texas, where he'll do the bulk of the game calling for the Rangers. His numbers are down a bit this season (.256/.636), but being 35 years old and catching in his 13th MLB season that's to be expected. He did hint around earlier this season that this one may be his last.

*Middle brother Jose Molina has managed to remain gainfully employed as a backup backstop, this year with the Toronto Blue Jays. Jose is the lighter hitting of the three amigos, but his catching skills remain sharp and therefore he remains a valued commodity in the game.

*The younger Molina, Yadier, is still with the Cardinals, his only employer. Despite having a down year offensively (.229/.611), the fans voted him into his 3rd straight All-Star game. Yadier's defense is his biggest attribute and he's in line for a 3rd straight Gold Glove as well.

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