Tuesday, July 13, 2010

First Half MVP's

Good evening everyone. I have been absent of late due to emergency situations and my fiance (soon to be wife) being 13 weeks pregnant. I want to apologize to everyone for my absence and want to commend everyone from More Hardball for stepping up.
Now on to my first half mvps. I will be looking at each position and also choosing starting pitcher and closer. I will also be examining coaching as well. This is an NL/AL combination so I will not be looking at both leagues individually.
Coaching-Dusty Baker. Who would have ever thought the Reds are in the position that they are in coming into the all-star break. This team has showed great promise and the smart decision making by Dusty has put the Reds in a pivotal spot to possibly continue rolling and maybe make the playoffs. I know that the NL Central has always been the Cardinals division but I think that this year could be the Reds to win.
First Base-Miguel Cabrera. Dude is off the hook. He is has a .346 average, 77 RBIs, 22 HR's, and a slugging percentage over .600. Also has a 98% fielding percentage. The homeruns he has hit this year have averaged 419 feet.
Second Base-Robinson Cano. He is currently batting .336 with 16 HR. He is on pace to break all of his own single season records. He has also only committed one error this year is over 200 attempts.
Shortstop-Alex Gonzalez. Dude is a menace at the plate. He is rarely a first ball hitter and tends to strike out an at bat for all its worth. Surprisingly he has a high BB average per game along with 25 doubles and 50 RBI's for a team that is below its prime. He has been put in situational at bats this year and has fared greatly.
Third Base-Scott Rolen. This man is well past his time. When he left Philadelphia he was having the best years of his life, leading up to a great performance in 2004 with St. Louis which included 34 HR, 124 RBI, his numbers have dived greatly. This year he has changed his batting stance slightly and has a higher arm position at the plate which has resulted in 87 hits and 17 HR. He is on pace to break his own personal records in these categories, however he is also striking out a lot. If he keeps that number down he is more than likely to win Comeback Player of the Year Award.
Outfield-Matt Kemp. I only picked one outfielder. There are several that are doing an outstanding job both offensively and defensively including Batista and Victorino but Kemp is producing out of this world stats. On pace to be part of the 30/30 club, finish with possibly 10 triples and 40 doubles and should end up with a .275 batting average. The other advantage over the other outfielders is that he is dating Rihanna. That gives him the edge.
Starting Pitcher-Ubaldo Jimenez. This was not easy. It could have been Johnson or Price but the deciding factor is Jimenez's home ballpark. We are talking about Coors Field. The place where balls fly out faster than any other park. Where a fly out can turn into a two run homerun. He has given up 31 runs in 18 starts. That is astounding. Man started the season with 24 scoreless innings. In three recent starts he has allowed a total of 17 runs. in the other fifteen starts he has allowed only 14 runs. He is on pace to go 24-7. He will run into some tough matchups later in the season but ultimately win the Cy Young.
Closer-Heath Bell. with a record of 4-0 and 24 saves he is on pace to break his own saves record. He is also striking out 1.2 per inning. He is the reason the Padres are doing so well. He has been a constant workhorse the past two years.


Burton said...

Finances suck. I hate being broke. Congrats on the baby!

GM-Carson said...

Matt Kemp?

I would have went with Carl Crawford, Brendan Boesch, Nick Swisher, Alex Rios, Josh Hamilton, Carlos Gonzalez, Matt Holiday, or his teammate Andre Either over him. That's just a list off the top of my head.

tamtam said...

Welcome back, UD!

Congrats on the new baby :)